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We are excited to announce our Fall "2021" trips. This last year has been hard on all of us, so we look forward to getting back to some sense of "Normalcy"!

The Pink Bus Mystery Trips provides getaway trips for women. The Pink Bus Mystery Trips are for women of all ages and of all walks of life. Women tend to be the caregivers, household organizers and hard workers both in and outside the home. It is important for women to take time out for themselves to reconnect with friends and family and at the same time have fun and relax! The bus departs from Fargo, ND (*unless noted differently). If you fill the bus up with your own group, we can pick you up at your location (minimum of 45 passengers).

The Pink Bus Mystery Trip more than exceeded my expectations! I got on the bus all excited and I didn't even know where we were going, but it didn't even matter because we didn't have to plan anything... just pack a suitcase and get on the bus! All the details were taken care of. We were busy the whole time from playing games on the bus to sampling wine. Everyone was so friendly and the food was great! I would definitely go on this mystery trip again!


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